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Relocating With Care: Moving to Care for an Aging Loved One

Many adult children recognize there may come a time when they need to move closer to an aging parent or loved one who needs extra time, care, and hands-on attention. As you’re completing moving to be closer to your relative, there are a number of different things to take into consideration. 

Deciding When to Move

Some older individuals enjoy relatively good health in their golden years, in which case it can be hard to judge if they are declining in mental or physical health. According to Aging Care, others may have an event that precipitates a need for ongoing, advanced care, such as a fall, medical emergency, or injury. Regardless of the circumstances, if there is an older loved one in your life who you're keeping an eye on, ask for permission to stay in touch with their primary care provider. This can help you assess how they're doing overall, as well as allow you more information for making a decision about upping their level of care or moving closer to manage their health and welfare on your own.

Finding a New Home

If you decide to relocate to be closer to a loved one, you’ll want to take a look at your financial picture and potentially discuss your mortgage options with a qualified lender. The first thing a lender will do is look at your credit score and calculate your debt-to-income ratio to determine how much you can pay each month. You can actually calculate this figure on your own by adding up your existing monthly debt obligations and dividing by your total gross monthly income.

Once you have a figure in mind that you're comfortable with, you can connect with a professional real estate agent from Diamond State Realty to start narrowing the focus of properties that would work best for you.

Hiring Movers

Making a move can be a stressful event, even more so if you're moving to take care of an aging loved one. Be kind to yourself and make the process as simple as possible. Hire professional movers so you don't run the risk of injuring yourself in the process. You can connect with local movers in your area, but first, read online reviews to learn about others’ experiences. Before meeting with the company to get a quote, discuss your needs and make sure they're willing to come to your home and do an on-site assessment. Making a guess about moving costs without examining your home can lead to unanticipated fees.

Moving Your Business

If you’re a business owner, you need to start the process of moving your business. This includes finding a new place to lease or buy, transferring your business license, and updating your business address with the IRS and other government agencies. You also need to notify your customers and vendors of your new address and contact information. Moving your business can be a big undertaking, but with careful planning and execution, it can be a smooth and successful transition.

Getting Settled

Once you get settled into your new home, you'll be better able to assess what your elderly loved one might need in terms of their own living environment moving forward. With your help or the assistance of in-home aides, they may be able to continue independent living. Alternatively, you could discuss moving them in with you, or look at senior communities, skilled nursing facilities, or assisted living environments. This can be an emotional time, and any discussions you have with your loved one should come from a place of empathy and compassion. According to Senior Path, it can be especially difficult leaving a home they’ve lived in for a long time and losing their sense of independence.

Making a move to care for somebody who needs you can be both rewarding and stressful, so take good care of yourself in the process. If you're worried about costs, which is normal, you’ll want to look for ways to save money throughout the process. When you’re vetting moving companies, ask about whether they offer special deals or credits, and don't go overboard when it comes to purchasing your own new living space. You'll be better off in something smaller that’s comfortable, yet affordable.